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Today Mobile phones are playing a major role in the life of a common man. Several mobile brands are doing well in manufacturing handsets and the competition among these companies is growing day by day. Every mobile brand is trying to release phones with outstanding features. Everyone wants to give something unique in technology and looks. In the present article, we are going to discuss about the functionalities and features of Samsung mobile phones and Nokia mobile phones. Samsung phones are known for their stylish and nice looks. Samsung always tries to attract the users through its creative ideas. However, focusing on looks does not affect its efforts in providing advanced features. Samsung mobile phones have reached the pocket of most of the style-conscious users. On contrary, Nokia phones are well-known for their durability and reasonable prices. Nokia mobile phones come with easy to use features which can be operated by even a common man with ease. Most of the widgets from Nokia have won the hearts of modern mobile users.

Let us take some of the latest Samsung mobile phones and Nokia mobile phones as an examples to know more about these two brands. One of the phones which Nokia has just launched in the market is the Nokia 7100 Supernova . This widget comes with stunning look and weighs just 103 grams. Its dimensions are 98 x 48.4 x 15 mm and has TFT screen that offers a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This smart looking phone comes with attractive jelly red, fresh blue and black colours. Users can view crystal clear images on its TFT screen. This is a complete Java language enabled phone. To fascinate the fun and entertainment lovers, the Nokia 7100 gadget comes embedded with FM radio, MP3 player, MPEG-4 player, FM recording facility and so many entertainment features. Data like videos, images and songs can be transferred to other Bluetooth compatible handsets. To stay in touch with loved ones, it has multiple messaging options like SMS, MMS and E-Mail. Gaming lovers can play interesting games in this world class phone. WAP 2.0/xHTML browser allows the users to explore the world wide web at high-speed.

Now let us have a look at the Samsung A777 handset that comes with a lightweight of 96 grams and has dimensions of 102 x 48 x 14 mm. This elegant phone gadget has messaging services like E-Mail, SMS, MMS apart from all the data transfer features and high-speed Internet browser. It has all the entertainment features which offers great delight to the users of this gadget. This well-designed phone is an ideal example to know about Samsung mobile phones.

Finally, we can say that Samsung mobile phones and Nokia Mobile Phones come with all the useful and latest features. Many times, users find it a difficult task to choose the best mobile phone that satisfies their needs and priorities. But after reading the analysis of both gadgets, it can be said that both provide excellent mobile experience and come with advanced features and attractive looks. The modern mobile phones users can select the best gadget depending on their budget. Surely, these two mobile brands satisfy the needs of all kinds of users.

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I don’t pretend to know very much about technology, other than for the fact that it should work. Indeed as a basically disinterested observer I note with some amusement that it is now a far more complicated business trying to switch on a television set than it was in the days of my childhood, when the object itself was a big, heavy wooden box with a small screen and a dial with some 30 or more numbers on but only three channels from which to choose.

Back in the early 1990s I was the proud owner of a mobile telephone, long before most other people even knew that such a thing existed. It was around the size, and the shape, of a house brick and sported an aerial of around 10 inches in length which was essential to its successful operation. I transported it from place to place by clipping it to my belt. Failure to remember it was there whenever I bent to tie my shoelaces resulted in a sharp pain between my ribs as the aerial dug in.

And yet today there is so much about my now thankfully far smaller appliance that I haven’t got around to trying to fathom out. Without the help of my 13-year-old- twins I doubt I would have mastered the art of sending a text. It was not a little confusion that I received my latest gadget from the courier, devoid as it was of a keypad. Thanks to said twins I am now familiar with the basic concept of a touchscreen.

What I do understand though is that today’s market boasts a range of phones, PCs, digital cameras, laptops and sundry other gizmos like never before. A glance at what is on offer from any eShop tells me I can now purchase not only mobile phones, but unlocked mobile phones, SIM-free mobile phones and indeed all kind of adornments and add-ons that will enable me to listen to music, access the Internet, set my alarm clock or play games to my heart’s desire.

The new technology that emerges onto the market so relentlessly is truly phenomenal. The mobile phone today is more of a portable computer than a simple means of making and receiving calls. And I have flash drives with more memory on them than the first desktop computer I owned possessed.

Whilst it might be difficult for some of us to keep up, the pace and volume of the advancing technology makes it affordable and easily available to us all. Exciting times.